Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wira 1.5 Se vs Honda Accord 2.0ivtec

The road was bit wet at first as i was near ipoh, so i slowed down to about 170kmh, ahya i got advan neova tyres mah, dont say i siau i was cruising slowly, most of the ppl are asleep in my car cause it was quite smooth ;o) aye say...dino at the front is the only person watching me drive while san jay, ah pong sin wai and mr seven are asleep at the back

I can hear them snoring at the back which made me irritated and making me damn sleepy, so i pulled up the stop after ipoh i think to have a smoke, i got down from the car and lit up my ciggarette and made my way to the toilet to ease of some castrol magnatec, when i got back i was hoping that either dino or san jay or seng wai would come out from the god damn car and atleast chat with me and have a smoke together instead of treating me like a driver, but the buggers all sleeping like PIG in the car, so i didnt want to kacau them, i quickly finished my ciggarette and got into the car and continued my journey back to pg....

ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzooooommmm i went, back onto the fast lane, cutting past other wiras and kancils like a knife through butter......SSSSSSesesesuddenly......i saw a beam of HID far behind, highlighting me to move to the side for him, mayb it could be a GTR with no speed cut right? dont wan to take the chance lah, so i moved to the side while travelling at 190kmh, thats right, 2 things u can do, u can beleive me that my fully loaded wira can do that speed, or u can ask those of my friends wether its real or not and then go home and pcc....anyway i moved aside and the car passed me, to my shock its just a stupid honda accord 2.0 ivtec, hmmphhhh laaaansssiiiii betul, ok ok nvm.... after he go, then i was back onto the fast lane doing 190 again...

Then, after awhile, i met up again with the honda accord, this time it was on the second lane, and i was overtaking him ....suddenly!! the guy!! had a brilliant idea of not letting his manhood get assaulted my a puny local wira 1.5.... he quickly got onto the pedal and started chasing me again, it wasnt long bfore i noticed a pesky honda accord behind me, up my ass with a shovel of his HID flashing like a god damn disco light u would normally see from the trunk of an ah beng's car with massive woofers at the back,....

I was freaking pist off by this time, cause i already let him passed by earlier and now hes coming back for the second time,....ok ok, i let him pass again, but this time im going up his ass and started to pressure the all bling car, he pressed on and i continued chasing this time he was pulling away quite abit but within 300 metres range cause there was some traffic starting to build up..u will know why later....then there was the point!! this is it i said, as i saw the honda slowed down alot because of traffic, i quickly zipped up to his rear and flashed him madly, then i said loudly with joy "Nah!!!! my car also can lah!!!" by this time all my friends were cracking up and awake and laughing at my xpression, it takes a dumb fuck not to understand the signal i just sent to the honda, so he started to press on, and as he pressed on... from flashing cars to move asside on the fast lane, he just zig zagged passed em, oh!, getting agressive aye?!

Well im not giving up that easily, i continued to pursuit the honda bumper to bumper through traffic thats building up, suddenly i saw orrange cones on the fast lane and closing in like a bottle neck all the way to the slowest lane, the honda slowed down massively but then quickly over taking a truck, by the time i saw it, the cones are closing in and the truck was starting to block me, i dropped to 3rd gear and slammed the throttle and steered my wira onto the emergency lane...bits of debri from freshly tarred road started to get caught up within my fenders and my rims was just inches away from the off road grass as i zipped passed the truck and continued my pursuit....

By this time all my friends are fully awaked, they better be, not even sleeping beauty can sleep in my car if she saw me or hear me driving like that.....the chase was on, heart pulses increases, i was right behind the accord zipping in and out of traffic, i started to close in again on the accord pressuring him as he met traffic again, bumper to bumper, suddenly the smart ass tried to play dirty and slammed his brakes hard on until i could almost swear his ABS kicked in, i too slammed my brakes hard enough to slow down as much as i can but not hard enough to lock it, however, that wasnt good enough and i could feel i was gonna crash into the accord if i dont do anything about it, lucky enough, i saw a small opening to my right lane, however there was a buss coming in slowly on that lane but fast enough to close my escape if i dont do anything quick enough, so i quickly turned to the right lane to avoid that nasty accords trick, however, the buss was almost closing the gap, and unfortunately my rear right slammed abit into the buss front kangaroo bar, lucky for my anti roll bars and advan tyres ,my car didnt spin or lose controll except for the sudden bang due to the impact and is enough to send yeow jin on his heart pumping as fast as a walbro racing pump at the back

Holy SHIT!!! was my first impression bfore slowing down and trying to make my way to the side to stop the car and get mauled by the bus driver, but Dino started shouting, "dont freaking stop you idiot, the buss got no boon tei" so i dropped the gear and cotinued my race away from the accord, i managed to get a lead ahead because the accord was stuck behind traffic and probaly suffering from mental shock or whatever....but it didnt take long before he started the chase again, but this time, im AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! got that?!!!! u accord owners out there?!!!!!!

I zig and zagged through traffic and the honda started to have problems keeping up, by the time i knew it, we had reached the JURU toll, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the finish line.......i slowed down towards the toll and started to line up for touch and go......the honda slowed down also and drove passed me and gave me a shit ass loser stare....i was like....what the fuck? huh? never see a gila babi wira racer bfore ah? hahahahaha, and it was over...things started to calm down, after paying a the toll i quickly stopped at the side to inspect the damage, not too bad, just a big dent on my rear right fender, didnt damage my handling at all neither close enough to damage my it was ok.....SO.......lesson to be learnt

1: dont race when u have friends on board your car (i admit i was stupid that time, wont happen again)
2: if you are gonna race a car better than yours, make sure the conditions of the race give you a 50/50 % chance or better to win that race
3: if you are gonna race, race like a man and go full on but smartly
4: lastly, dont do stupid kan ke things like jam brakes and all that bullshit or else the next steering wheel u will be using will belong to the wheel chair u sit in when other street racers find out who u are and what u did!

thats it for now, ccCCCHHHHhhheeerrrssss

Monday, June 18, 2007

Whats happening lately

Yoyoyo wats up my ppl, probaly u ppl who know me will be shocked to know i started blogging hahahaha, well here it is touge sessions, lessons to be learnt from your car mods to freaking grandmothers story, learn it well....ok ok, enough for the intro, here we go
ill start of with whats happening lately in the touge racing scene aye? hehehe, well first of all, if you touge racers out there have been racing enough up and down the strip u will realise one freaking thing, the REMPITS, that right, thats right!!! they, the no brainer, no respect, no nothing society are trying to take it up to our shared respected hillside, le ma puki leh, did u know that over the last few months a few of my touge racing kaki had accidents because of them? one even totalled his satria on the first day of installing his brand new addjustable coilovers, then, because of the rising rate of accidents the goverment has made the police go after em, and got operasi last week and some of my friends kena caught up in between the rempits and the legalised gangsters (the cops=cause they talk very bo ka si) aka lanciao ppl
So pls b carefull ppl, atleast things are starting to cool down after the operasi, but u know what?
LUCKY ME, cause if i was at gurney that night i might have been caught 2, but not so lucky anyway cause that night actually i had transmission failure, my clutch disc chipped off abit and jammed my pressure plate, so i cant engage gear properly,........and u know what? i had to freaking drive my car on second gear all the way to northern garage from the touge strip (B.ferringgi). jesus christ!!!

Luckily, this operasi has manged to deter away many mat rempits recently even on the streets but has taken a toll on some of us touge racers too, walauuuuu ehhhh...., well a few shit has been happening to my life lately also cause i havent mentioned have i? that i had 2 speeding tickets in a row last month. and the month bfore i had a slight accident while at the juru highway on my way back from kl while racing with a honda accord 2.0 ivtec...pls ah...u hear properly...ivtec ah!!...hahahaha, not i stupid or what but wait till u hear my next blog about that race that day hehehehe even u play nfs carbon wont be as hiong as this one, unless ofcourse im making that story up lah, HOWEVER, i dont talk cock wan, i got witness neh, got a few friends in my car mah hehe, but just to let u know, i did win that race, even though my beloved wira was slightly damaged, hehehe
SOOOOOO, if you want to know bout that story...wait up for the next blog....untill then sayonara